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Sealing and cutting machine manufacturers tell you the operating rules of sealing and cutting machine
- 2017-03-17-

The sealing and cutting machine manufacturer tells you the operating rules of the sealing and cutting machine as follows:

In order to make the machine work in the best condition and give full play to the efficiency and service life of the machine, the machine must be operated and maintained by a special person. The operator must be familiar with the operating procedures before operation, so as not to damage the machine.

For your personal safety, please ground the machine before use and make sure it is in good contact.

Place the machine on a flat ground. Before turning on the machine, check whether any parts of the machine are loose or shifted during transportation, and adjust and correct it if found.

Introduction of an external air source: Connect one end of a section of soft air pipe with an outer diameter of 88mm to the air source, and connect the other end to the air inlet joint below the rear of the machine to fix it, and push the air pipe into place.

Check of air pressure:

When the pressure of the air source is ≥6kg / cm2, check whether the pressure gauge is about 5kg / cm2 (the pressure gauge has been adjusted by the factory when the factory is in the standard range). When the machine is working normally, its pressure cannot exceed ≥6kg / cm2. Parts are not good. Please note that the pressure of the external air source must not exceed 9.5kg / cm2, otherwise the pneumatic components such as the pressure regulator will be damaged.

Adjustment of air pressure:

If you find that the pressure on the pressure regulator's pressure gauge is not in the normal range, you should make the following adjustments. Pull the cover knob of the pressure regulator up slightly, and turn it clockwise to increase the pressure. Otherwise, the pressure decreases. It must be gradually and evenly adjusted to the required pressure, and then press the upper cover button with a force, and press the notch into the boss on the base (that is, the locked state).

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