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Sealing and cutting machine manufacturers tell you the abnormal situation and treatment of slitting machine
- 2017-03-25-

The sealing and cutting machine manufacturer tells you the abnormal situation of the cutting machine and the processing is as follows:

When we use the slitting machine, sometimes an abnormal situation occurs. The following will list some solutions for your reference:

1. The semi-finished product has wrinkles during winding, which can appropriately increase the pressure of the tension cylinder.

2. When the finished product runs, whether the tension of the take-up shaft is too tight, or it is closely related to the glue when gluing.

3. When the middle of the finished product is loose, this is closely related to uneven gluing and uneven substrate. At this time, the bow roller should be adjusted to flatten it, or the tension of the unwinding shaft is increased, and the substrate is compacted with a knife tube.

4. Inductive switch function and adjustment:

① The induction switches of this machine are all fixed-point type, without any adjustment.

② Counter induction: four-point induction, with three-stage length. Counter for smooth braking and precise control.

③ Exchange shaft induction: Each time the shaft is changed, the counter is accumulated once to calculate the number of finished products.

5. Take-up shaft tension setting:

① The tension of the tape on the take-up shaft is controlled by the tension adjusting nut.

② Turn the nut clockwise to tighten the tape, and turn the nut counterclockwise to loosen the tape.

6. Processing of non-parallel winding shafts:

① Check if the left and right sprockets are loose.

② Attach the four winding shafts, make horizontal adjustments on both sides, and adjust the position. The adjustment screws rely on the adjustment screws on both sides of the right internal sprocket. The left side must be adjusted to the required angle, and then adjusted from the right to horizontal until.

7. Waste material winding and adjustment:

① Properly adjust the bushing on the blank material shaft so that it is aligned with the location of the blank material.

② Manually operate until enough trimming material can be wrapped around the trimming material take-up shaft.

③ When the machine starts the slitting operation, the blanks can be automatically taken up.

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