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Yinsheng Electric wishes new and old customers a happy Chinese New Year
- 2019-02-13-

Dear Customer:

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, with gratitude, all my colleagues at Yinsheng Electric expressed to you and your family the most sincere Chinese New Year greetings and the most heartfelt thanks. Thank you for your continued trust and support for the company.

Yinsheng Electric is always grateful! We are grateful to society, it is the society that gives us the opportunity and environment for survival and development; thank customers, you have chosen Yinsheng Electric, and you have used wisdom to help us develop the market and provide us with Order; it is your timely feedback of market information, so that the company's products successfully won the market in the process of upgrading.

Drinking water source, we know that Yinsheng Electric's development and growth can not be separated from your attention, trust, support and participation in the Chinese New Year thank you letter and thank you words. We are honored to be partners with respected customers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, with high-quality products, good reputation and thoughtful service, to provide our customers and friends with a broader space for development. Thank you letter and words of appreciation to customers. We are fully convinced that with your support and cooperation, as long as we continue to work hard, our common cause will have great space, great achievements and great development.

In 2019, I hope that we can still go through the storms and create brilliant! All staff of Yinsheng Electric thank you again for your support and tolerance!

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