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Visitors to the Yinsheng Electric booth were bursting at the fair
- 2017-04-18-

The warm wind blows in mid-April, which is a good time for traveling. The first China Tongcheng (Xindu) Plastic Machinery Exhibition is in full swing. The front door of Xindu Runzhicheng Plastics Exhibition Center is crowded with people. Shoulders, manufacturers, buyers, and visitors from all over the country gathered here to observe the latest products of the machinery manufacturing industry!
Visitors in front of CT-011, Yinsheng Electric, in Hall C of the Central Pavilion were endless. Visitors showed the company's automatic vest bag bagging machine, high-speed continuous roll bag machine, vest bag automatic strapping machine, etc. I have a strong interest in efficient products. I have a detailed exchange of understanding with the company's founder Zhang Yinsheng on product performance characteristics, typical applications, technical advantages, etc., expressing excitement at the rapid development of technologies such as automation, energy saving, labor, and efficient intelligence. The development of an international-level automatic packaging and strapping machine is highly appreciated!

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