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Yinsheng Electric teaches you before you buy a bag making machine
- 2018-01-15-

Yinsheng Electric teaches you the following before buying a bag making machine:

A. Understand what materials the product belongs to, such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, POF, paper, non-woven fabric, etc.

B. Understand the thickness, width, and length of the material. We recommend corresponding equipment according to the width and length of the product.

C. Understand the sealing method of the product, whether it is a bottom seal, a middle seal or an edge seal, or a three-side seal, etc. The sealing method of the product is different, and the selected model is also different.

D. Use of the product, whether it is used for packaging or as a bag or sheet. Choose the model with the corresponding product width. Don't think of one machine for multiple uses. The wider the machine, the higher the price and the more unstable the performance.

E. According to the actual speed of the equipment, our equipment is divided into high-speed machine, medium-speed machine and ordinary machine

F. If the bag making machine is pneumatic, then the customer needs to bring their own air compressor, the size depends on the actual situation

G. The size of the side seal bag and the bottom seal bag are opposite. The length of the side seal bag corresponds to the width of the side sealer.

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