Automatic T- shirt Bag Making Machine

Automatic T- shirt Bag Making Machine

Model ZBBZ450-2 Bag-making Length Max. Bag-making Length 320mm-600mm Bag-making Length Max. Bag-making Width 220mm-360mm Bag-making thickness 0.01mm-0.03mm Bag-making speed Bag -making Speed 30-300 pcs / min

Product Details

T-shirt bag automatic strapping machine

Applicable materials: low density polyethylene LDPE, high density polyethylene DOPE.

Uses: This machine is suitable for heat sealing, hot cutting, punching, folding, bundling, and one-time completion of various low-pressure natural colors or color printing plastic films; it is the highest and most ideal equipment for the production of vest bags.

Performance and characteristics: (1) The whole machine adopts computer synchronous control, servo motor drags the material, double chases the color, and automatically moves the board.

(2) The hot knife adopts built-in heating, high efficiency and energy saving, varnished cloth structure, easy maintenance and easy operation, which greatly prolongs the service life of the copper knife and reduces the cost of consumables; the knife is heated independently, and the double-edged blade makes the knife Life is doubled.

(3) Automatic protection of temperature up and down line to ensure the quality of the welding wire.

(4) The main motor uses pneumatic brakes to ensure high-level shutdown, so that the safety of the entire machine operation is well guaranteed.

(5) The rear unloading buffer structure makes the film not deformed when the machine is started at a high speed, the welding machine receives the material, and the unwinding adopts pneumatic tension control to solve the traditional type: the cylinder caused by the boost of the press motor Material deviation, color printing ink peeling and other problems.

(6) This machine has won many national invention patents.

Hot cutting automatic strapping machine