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Automatic T- shirt Bag Making Machine

Automatic T- shirt Bag Making Machine

Heat sealing and cutting bag making machine is suitable for making plastic film packaging bags such as clothing bags, socks bags, towel bags, bread bags, jewelry bags, underwear bags, stationery supplies bags, electrical component bags, bamboo wood products bags and so on. The performance characteristics of the heat sealing and cutting bag making machine are as follows: 1. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer and the stepper motor drags the material. 2. Computer fixed-length, step-length photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic stop when the label is lost, and photoelectric control for feeding. 3, automatic counting, counting alarm and can be set to stop the entire book. 4, heat-sealing lace; automatic punching; automatic glue. 5, tube break, feeding correction, punching correction.

Product Details

Hot cutting machine manufacturers tell you: Features of hot cutting machine

Compared with mechanical cutting machine (saw, milling, turning, planing), hot cutting machine has the following characteristics:

Flexible and convenient operation

It can cut out the shape of straight line, curve or space curved surface according to the predetermined trajectory, which is one of the most economical processing methods for forming and cutting.

Not limited by workpiece size and weight

It is also not limited by the site. It is especially suitable for the cutting of workpieces and the disintegration of waste materials at the construction site. Gas cutting, arc and plasma arc cutting can also achieve underwater cutting, becoming the shipwreck rescue, marine engineering and underwater treatment of nuclear pollutants. Important means.

Wide range of cutable materials

Many hard materials that cannot be mechanically cut, such as cemented carbide and ceramic materials, can be hot cut.

Precision gas cutting and plasma arc cutting

In particular, the quality of laser-cut incisions can be approximated by mechanical cutting, and no further machining is required.