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Convenient bag making machine manufacturers tell you the servo control of bag making system
- 2017-03-08-

The manufacturer of instant bag making machine tells you that the bag making process is the last process in the flexible packaging printing production line, including positioning, fixed length, heat sealing, traction and sealing and cutting, etc. The level of technology directly affects the final product quality. In recent years, domestic AC servo motors and other hardware technologies have gradually matured. High-computing control chips combined with motor control technology have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, and good portability. This makes AC servo systems applied to bag making machine control systems a development trend.
The current servo system has the following characteristics:
1. Full digital control, powerful function, three-loop control of position, speed and torque;
2. Adopt high-performance control chip, high-quality IPM module, perfect protection function;
3. Develop new algorithms to reduce software execution time;
4. The servo driver automatically judges the power and specifications of the servo motor and automatically sets the motor parameters;
5. Can still run smoothly at low speeds;
6. Realize communication with upper computer through CAN, RS485 and RS232;
The continuous progress of the servo motor manufacturing process makes it have the advantages of low inertia, fast response, high power density, low loss, and high efficiency. AC servo control system is a new technology developed in recent years and is developing into the mainstream of servo systems. The performance of the servo system is the main factor that determines the processing accuracy and productivity of the entire bag making machine. For the performance of the AC servo system, on the one hand, it requires good fast tracking performance, that is, the servo system must respond quickly to the input signal, and the tracking error is small. The transition time is short, without overshoot or overshoot, and the number of oscillations is small; on the other hand, high steady-state accuracy is required, that is, the system has a small steady-state error and high positioning accuracy.