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Yinsheng Electric wishes everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival
- 2017-05-28-

When the Dragon Boat Festival arrives, I will send you an auspicious bird. The emerald green loquat leaves are heavy, which is my affection; the white glutinous rice is my countless thoughts; the sweet bean paste is in the middle, which is my strong affection. May you set off your troubles, bite the sweetness, taste happiness, and have a long aftertaste!

Leaves and leaves are stacked, good luck is endless; Mimi is sticky and happy; lines and lines are entwined and hugs happily; water and water are in harmony and affection is strong; 粽 粽 links, blessings are endless! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

A bowl of rice forever, a lucky auspicious tadpole, a leaf full of happiness, lingering in a line, happily wrapped into brown, give it to you shamelessly, and wish you dear to add joy to the Dragon Boat Festival.

Tianxiang Xiangrui Zongzixiang, Ai Ye expelled evil blessings. The Dragon Boat Festival is here. I wish you: "粽" has gold and gold, and "粽" has silver and silver. Life is as sweet and sweet as life.

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