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Yinsheng Electric wishes everyone a happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival
- 2017-09-30-

"Yinsheng Electric" is fully created by the company's legal person Zhang Yinsheng. At present, it is the channel brand for the factory to directly sell products to small and medium-sized enterprises in the plastic packaging industry. The company takes the requirements of customers as the criterion and the user's easy operation as the goal The design concept of machines that do not need to be repaired is from product quality, design and after-sales service to every detail. Taking "excellence, perfection, and credibility" is the eternal pursuit of the company.
Anhui Yinsheng Electric Co., Ltd. attaches importance to customer feedback and continuously innovates its technology; "Full-automatic continuous coiler" and "Automatic bagging machine" have won a number of national invention patents.
In order to better serve customers and continue to create value for customers, we invite partners from all over the country to join us to represent our products. Yinsheng Electric Company provides operation management solutions and technical support! "Standardized operation, professional operation, differentiated operation" creates maximum value for customers.
Yinsheng Electric wishes the two National Days of Mid-Autumn Festival, and send two blessings. May the National Day family celebrate with you, and share with you during the festive season, moon cakes and eclipse, moonlight together, happy festivals, happy national holidays, bless Send more and wish you happy every day!

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