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Yinsheng's "Full-Automatic Core Rolling Bag Making Machine" Shines at Plastic Packaging Machinery Exhibition 2019
- 2019-10-26-

At the exhibition site, Anhui Yinsheng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.'s fully automatic continuous bag rolling machine was very popular. General Manager Zhang Zhenqiang was busy receiving customers: "Different from the past just to get orders, now we participate in the exhibition, in fact, it is a New product launch, this is the stage to show the company's technical strength and product quality, to enhance brand awareness and let customers understand the company's latest products and development trends. " From time to time during the exhibition of the prototype, some old customers came to say hello.

In addition, Yinsheng Electric participates in overseas plastic and packaging machinery exhibitions four or five times a year.

In Hall D of the 3rd Plastic Packaging Machinery Exhibition, Yinsheng Electric's unique fully automatic paper core roll bag has attracted the attention of many customers. Manager Zhang told the author that as a company specializing in high-speed continuous roll bag making machines, the company has a number of designs and obtained national patents. The fully automatic core continuous roll bag making machine products are independently developed by our Yinsheng Electric. Creative and patent certificate. The bag making length of this model is 10--80cm, the bag making width is 20--35cm, and the bag making speed everyone cares about is up to 600 per minute! Welcome customers to consult!