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Control of heat sealing temperature of high speed bag making machine
- 2019-11-25-

High-speed bag-making machines need a heat-sealing temperature in the bag-making process. A reasonable heat-sealing temperature is helpful for manufacturing. Its function is to heat the adhesive film layer to a more ideal viscous state. When selecting the heat-sealing temperature, it needs to be comprehensively considered according to the characteristics of the heat-sealing material, the thickness of the film, the number of times of heat-sealing pressing, and the size of the heat-sealing area. If the number of times of hot pressing in the consent part is increased, the temperature can be appropriately reduced. If the heat sealing area is increased, the heat sealing temperature can be increased.

Here we take PVC plastic. PVC plastic is an amorphous polymer and has no fixed melting point, so there is only a melting temperature range, that is, a temperature region between the solid phase and the liquid phase. When heated to this temperature Within the range, the film will enter a molten state. The upper and lower limits of the temperature range represent the decomposition temperature and viscous flow temperature of PVC, respectively. The difference between them is the key to determining the ease of heat sealing

In the process of high-speed bag-making machine, the heat-sealing strength is affected by the heat-sealing temperature. The higher the heat-sealing temperature, the heat-sealing strength will increase. During the high-speed bag-making mechanism, the heat-sealing temperature is too high, which will damage the heat-sealing material at the welding place, reduce the heat-sealing strength of the seal and the impact resistance of the bag. Therefore, the heat-sealing temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of the heat-sealing material, and the temperature should not be too high.