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Yinsheng share with you how to improve heat seal strength in bag making machine
- 2018-07-12-

Yinsheng shared with you how to improve the heat seal strength in the bag making machine as follows:

During the operation of the bag making machine , various faults will appear. Not only the performance of the faults are different, but also the causes and solutions are different. How to solve problems like poor heat seal strength?

On the one hand, the curing of the adhesive can be promoted through thermal aging, thereby improving the composite strength and heat resistance of the composite film. At the same time, according to the composition and structure of the composite film and the heat-sealing state, the best heat-sealing conditions or improved heat-sealing methods are selected, but it should be cooled immediately after heat-sealing.

On the other hand, check the shelf life and storage conditions of some heat-sealable films and increase the thickness of the heat-sealable film; or directly change the type and grade of the heat-sealable film, try to use the Sealing film. There is also a check on the quality of the adhesive, while ensuring that it meets the requirements, control the content of the slip agent and the monomer content of the MDI in the composite adhesive to ensure that it can be well heat-sealed.