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Sealing and cutting machine manufacturers share with you how to properly use the sealing and cutting machine
- 2017-03-01-

Sealing and cutting machine manufacturers share with you how to properly use the sealing and cutting machine:
We all know that the sealing and cutting machine has a large function and is widely used. How can we operate the sealing and cutting machine to be standardized? Today, Yinsheng Electric, the manufacturer of sealing and cutting machines, tells you the precautions for safe operation of sealing and cutting machines as follows:
1. Before operating the sealing and cutting machine, check whether the protective equipment is complete, whether the switch is sensitive and effective, and whether the power supply is well insulated.
2. When the device is in operation, keep a certain distance between the hand and the sealing and cutting line. It is strictly forbidden to extend your hand under the sealing and cutting knife to prevent injury to your hand.
3. Stop the machine when removing the fault, cut off the power, and shout safely when restarting the device. Start the device after confirming the safety.
4. Do not put more than four cases of noodles on the sealing and cutting machine workbench to prevent overweight from hurting people.

5. After use, cut off the power supply. Want to know more about sealing and cutting machine, automatic sealing and cutting machine, heat shrinking machine. Welcome to visit the official website of Yinsheng Electric Company. We will provide you with updated information on sealing and cutting machine. Since its establishment, Anhui Yinsheng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been mainly producing sealing and cutting machine series and bag making machine series products.

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