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Punching device of full automatic continuous bag rolling machine
- 2017-03-02-

The punching device of a full automatic continuous bag rolling machine relates to the technical field of bag making machines. Including booster cylinder and punch support base; two booster cylinder fixing plates are installed on the upper fixed beam of the bag making machine, two booster cylinders are installed on the booster cylinder fixed plate; the lower end of the booster cylinder piston rod is installed A punching knife connection base, a punching knife connection plate is installed below the punching knife connection base, a punching knife plate connection base is installed below the punching knife connection plate, a punching knife plate is installed at the lower end of the punching knife plate connection base; Directly below the punching blade; the upper part of the lower fixed beam of the plastic bag making machine is provided with an adjustment support seat, the upper end of the adjustment screw passes through the adjustment support seat, and the lower end is connected to the lower fixed beam; The seat is mounted on a plane bearing. The device solves the problems that similar equipment cannot be adjusted in height, the adjustment operation is inconvenient, and the punched bags are not flat, the punching depths are different, the support plate cannot be rotated, and the punching plate has a short service life.

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