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T-shirt bag making machine manufacturers tell you the characteristics of T-shirt bag making machine
- 2017-03-02-

The manufacturer of vest bag making machine tells you the characteristics of vest bag making machine:

  1. Can produce a variety of non-woven bags such as vest bags, tote bags, flat pockets, gusseted bags, gusseted bags, etc .;
    2. Vest bag: length 50-60 cm can be set up to 80 cm;
    3. Five sets of ultrasonic systems, stable work;
    4. L-shaped structure, effectively saving floor space;
    5. Configure material shortage protection system and correction system to improve product qualification rate;
    6. Changing the pressure wheel can change the cutting edge and stitching effect;
    7. Modular design, easy and simple parts replacement;
    8. PLC program control, high precision and small error;
    9. Stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, stable performance and easy debugging;
    10. Simple operation, easy to learn and use.

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