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Yinsheng Electric shares with you the performance characteristics of heat sealing and cutting bag making machine
- 2019-04-08-

Yinsheng Electric shares with you the performance characteristics of heat seal cutting bag making machine as follows:

The bag making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various types of plastic bags of other sizes, thicknesses, and specifications. Plastic packaging bags are generally the main product.

This machine is specially designed as a dual-purpose machine for point-and-roll continuous flat pockets and point-and-roll continuous vest pockets. Using computer control, stepping (servo) fixed-length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small. Equipped with electric eye tracking, the pattern position of the printing bag is accurate. Optional computer numerical control can be used to adjust the length of the bag. When there is a problem with the printing bag, the machine will automatically stop and issue a warning sound.

1. Purpose:

This machine is suitable for making plastic film packaging bags such as clothing bags, socks bags, towel bags, bread bags, jewelry bags, underwear bags, stationery supplies bags, electrical component bags, bamboo and wooden products bags.

Material to be processed:

BOPP, PP, PE, heat shrinkable film and other heat-sealable materials. ,

Performance characteristics:

1. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the stepper motor drags the material (optional servo motor control system).

2. Computer fixed-length, step-length photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic stop when the label is lost, and photoelectric control for feeding.

Heat-sealing and cutting bag-making machine (20 sheets) 3. Automatic counting, counting alarm, and can be set to stop the whole book.

4, heat-sealing lace; automatic punching (hanging hole, exhaust hole); automatic glue.

5, tube break, feeding correction, punching correction (requires additional equipment).