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Convenient bag making machine manufacturers tell you the common faults of bag making machine
- 2017-02-27-

Manufacturers of convenient bag making machines tell you: What are the common faults of bag making machines (1) The stepping motor does not drag the material:
1. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal. The bag maker voltage is too high or too low. The servo amplifier is in a protective state.
2. The fuse of the servo amplifier is not broken.
3. Whether the servo amplifier plug is inserted firmly.
4. Whether the microcomputer Hall signal is normal.
5. The servo or stepping drive is faulty.

(2) Duration of material dragging:
1. Whether the timing belt is loose when the stepping motor is connected to the driving rubber roller.
2. Is the pressure of the bagging machine driving rubber roller too low?
3. The unloading is too heavy or the unloading is out of sync with the host.
4. Reduce the tension caused by the friction between the film surface and the machine platform.

(Three) the material is not synchronized with the host:
1. Whether the position of the Hall signal magnetic steel is shifted.
2. Whether the Hall switch is damaged.

(4) The feed does not turn or is abnormal:
1. Whether the speed control board for feeding and receiving is damaged.
2. Whether the speed governor fuse is disconnected.
3. The motor carbon brush is not in good contact.
4. The speed control potentiometer is broken or has poor contact.
5. Whether the motor is damaged.

(5) The electric heater does not heat or the temperature control fails:
1. The temperature control meter or heating sheet of the bag making machine is damaged.
2. The thermocouple contacts are not secure.
3. Bidirectional thyristor or solid state relay breakdown.
4. The contactor coil or contact is damaged.

(6) The microcomputer is disturbed:
1. Interference from static eliminator.
2. Low interference when power supply voltage is high.
3. The feeding motor is fast and slow.

(7) Tracking is not allowed or cannot be followed:
1. The light eye sensitivity is not adjusted well.
2. The size is set incorrectly.
3, in the color bag mode.
4. The printing size is not accurate.
(Eight) computer speed display is always zero, press the machine to stop:
1. Hall sensor is broken.
2. The magnet position is wrong.
3. Circuit failure.
(9) Brushing the bag:
1. The temperature is too low or too high.
2. The ejector pin is too low.
3. The pulling time is incorrect.