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Computer hardware troubleshooting for vest bag automatic bagging machine
- 2017-02-28-

Vest bag automatic bagging machine computer common hardware troubleshooting principles of computer failure, usually there are some clues to find. For troubleshooting, the following principles should generally be followed:
1. Check the external parts first, and then check the internal parts for the host or the display does not light up. You should first check the switches, fuses, sockets for open circuits, short circuits, etc., and confirm that the external parts are normal before opening the case. Or monitor to check. After opening the case, first observe whether the plugs and sockets of the system board are skewed, whether the resistance and capacitor pins are touching, whether the surface is burnt, whether the chip surface is cracked, and whether the copper foil on the motherboard is burnt out; also check whether there are foreign objects Short-circuiting between the components falling into the motherboard, you can also see if there is a burnt and discolored place on the board, whether the traces (copper foil) on the printed circuit board are broken, and so on.
In addition, pay attention to identify whether there is a burning odor in the host and the board, which is convenient to find the fault and determine the location of the short circuit. At the same time, it is also necessary to monitor whether the working sound of the power supply fan, the soft / hard disk motor or the seek mechanism, the display transformer, etc. is normal. In addition, when a short circuit fault occurs in the system, it is often accompanied by abnormal sounds. Monitoring can detect some accident hazards in time and help to take timely measures when an accident occurs.

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