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Convenient bag making machine manufacturers tell you the detailed process of bag making machine bag
- 2017-03-02-

The manufacturer of instant bag making machine tells you the detailed process of bag making machine bag:

(1) The feeding rack is controlled by an air cylinder to fall and fall to facilitate loading. The reel was screwed to death. After loading, use a low pressure wide bag to bundle the film. The roll rotates counterclockwise.
(2) The two rubber rollers of the tailstock rubber roller are pressed tightly and driven by a small motor to pull the film.
(3) Roller blinds Roller blinds are generally made of mats or plastics, which mainly play a role of pressing and tension control. There is an inductor behind the cursor to detect the presence of a film in front of it to control the operation and stop of the tailstock roller motor. Stop if there is no action.
(4) The suspension plate is made of stainless steel to play a flat film to prevent the bag from wrinkling and ensure the size of the bag. Therefore, the pause board should be level. Light weight items can be placed on top of the film to flatten the film.
(5) The light eye controls the length of the bag, the cutting position, and the length of the color mark by tracking the change in the color gradation of the printed color on the bag. The light eye can be moved forward and backward by adjusting the screws at both ends, and the light eye can be stopped and corrected (2-3mm). A piece of white paper can be placed under the film directly facing the light eye to increase its sensitivity. If the pattern is complicated, you can also pad white paper on the pattern to ensure that the pattern under the light eye is straight, and there are no other colors in front and back, and the pattern interferes.
Selection of light eyes: ①Straighter straight line. ② There is no other pattern interference in front of the pattern, otherwise it will affect the stop of light eyes.
(6) The sealing and sealing knife is triangular, with a set of rollers at each end to ensure that the film runs straight at the sealing knife. Knife rollers are generally heat-resistant silicone rollers. There is a layer of heat-resistant tape on the knife and on the silicone roller. There are two copper tiles on the two ends of the sealing knife, which control the upper and lower sides of the sealing knife.
Change the cloth: ①Seal the sealing knife with sandpaper first.
② Stick the knife cloth in the middle of the knife and drive towards both sides to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles in the middle of the knife cloth, otherwise it will cause a false seal.
(7) The adjusting lever controls the height of the iron rod by adjusting the screw, and then adjusts the position of the film cutting.
(8) There is a spring on the corrugated rubber roller to prevent the film from being entangled on the roller caused by static electricity. A special motor controls its operation. There are special anti-static devices before sealing the knife and after cutting the knife (an iron rod with a row of iron pins on it)
(9) The cutter has two upper and lower cutters, the lower cutter is fixed, the blade is inclined upward by about 5 °, and the film is cut by the upper cutter. The cutters are mostly cast iron, and the ends of the cutters are lubricated. The upper and lower knife fixing screws can be adjusted to control the forward and backward distance when it contacts the lower knife.
(10) Folding is divided into three steps, and the bag making machine automatically folds. If the customer requires that the characters face outward when packing, the roll is rotated clockwise when it is rolled up. If the character is facing in, the roll is rotated counterclockwise when it is rolled up.